Roofing & Waterproofing

We do new roofing projects. We also do roofing repairs which may include re-framing, retiling, waterproofing and painting

Reg No: 2020/469555/07

Kimbo Roofing & Waterproofing is a South African registered company delivering reliable roofing services in Cape Town

Roofing Service

New roofing projects and repair projects which may include framing, tiling, waterproofing, painting.

Waterproofing Service

Fixing water leakages for homes, offices, balconies, industrial warehouses and sundry. Let it rain while you smile


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Every shelter needs a reliable roof overhead to protect the occupants or contents from any weather conditions. Here is what we can do for you


Laying a strong timber frame upon which the roof covering will rest for decades. We have a wide selection pf framing options - all timber


Laying tiles on the timber frames for a water tight and visually appealing roof finish. Sometimes clients choose different options


Waterproofing is very crucial on roofing projects.. on different areas to keep out the water flow. Let it rain!


Most of the painting done on a roof is to save it from weather and termite encroachments. Also to beautify it!


In this climate change you may need to conserve water by installing roof gutters. You will save tremendously

Repairs +

We do all kinds of repairs on the roofing. Sometimes just a good cleaning to revive its glory seen from a distance.

Happy clients in Cape Town!

We have a comprehensive portfolio of happy clients that we served over the years. We are proud of our work and often get referral projects - adding to our pride list

We provide high quality and cost effective services.

Kimbo Roofing & Waterproofing has been around for almost a decade offering great services to the Cape Town homeowners, business people and other clients.

Our vision is to be a roofing services provider of choice in the Southern Africa. Our current client base can tell the stories of successful projects that we have done.

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